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Parcel Freight.

The right level of service for each parcel.
In today’s world, it has never has it been so cheap to move parcels around the world or across the country. However, this has come at the expense of customer service. Automated sortation machines mean that when something goes wrong, there is little ability to locate your parcel and speed things up.

If you are looking for a value added service with real customer service, then talk to us!

Our network of packers, carriers and installers are dedicated to ensuring that your precious is treated with the utmost care. Near enough isn’t good enough and she’ll be right isn’t acceptable, mate.

Your happiness is guaranteed, as we will happily make sure that your precious is in the exact right spot, on the exact right angle, so the light hits it just right.

Parcels moved the right way.

  • Economy parcel freight
  • Secure parcel options
  • Fragile parcel options
  • Pick and pack options
  • Air freight
  • Same day parcels
  • Overnight parcels
  • Two day parcels
  • Consolidated parcel freight
  • Reverse parcel freight
  • Inbound parcel freight
  • Embargoed parcel freight

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency
We always strive to save you time, money and sanity. By thinking outside the square, we can find ways of achieving things that would otherwise be impossible.


We work closely with you to understand your needs. The more we work together, the better we can serve you.

Going The Extra Mile

Our clients appreciate that we’ll help them out after hours if that’s what they need. Or they’ll need assistance with an urgent issue and we’ll eliminate the stress for them. At Applied Logistics, we really are your logistics heroes.


Applied Logistics assists our clients with their parcel freight requirements. We use both TNT and Toll IPEC, because they both have different strengths. Our solution for small to medium businesses provides access to expertise, customer service and competitive rates.

We often find that for larger shippers – their concerns are about customer service, ensuring that their high priority shipments meet deadlines, operational issues and control over surcharges and fees.

Parcel freight is about volume. Big numbers being handled through large sortation machines. Anything that can’t be handled through these machines attract a “manual handling surcharge” as well as “over length”, “manual consingment” and “re-delivery” fees.

Sometimes we hear of issues getting freight collected from warehouses or organising re-deliveries. We can assist in providing value added services or strategies to solve these issues.

Carriers in this segment of the industry do an extremely good job of delivering millions of parcels each year – however, if your parcel is out of the ordinary, or time critical, we recommend using a more specialised approach.