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We do not transport used white or brownware (fridges, televisions etc).

Our quotes department is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), which is Melbourne/Sydney.

In the event of confusion, please feel free to contact Elliot, Ryan or Max on one of the below NZ numbers:

Call Queue: 03 929 1250 – Calls everyone, first in, best dressed…

Elliot Price: 03 929 1251,

Elliot Mobile: 027 399 0043

Ryan Williams: 03 929 1252 – Solar Panels, Domestic Freight

Max North: 03 929 1253 – Domestic Enquiries

Michael Stewart: 03 926 9648 – International Enquiries

Brent Smith: 03 926 9649 – Solar Panels, Domestic Freight

We are happy to improve this form to help your process – please let us know if there is anything that doesn’t quite work as it should, or could flow better.

Please decline enquiries from any caller regarding adwords, Google campaign, search results or other marketing companies.

Anyone offering their truck(s) for hire, can be filed as a marketing enquiry, where you can take their details.

For any caller looking to track their freight, please ask them for a shipment number. It should look like S00002369. If they don’t have one, please check that they are looking for Applied Logistics – we often get calls from people who have been looking for someone else on Google and end up on our page.

We only offer to transport personal effects / household items by the container load – or that are packed onto a pallet or cartons. Used whiteware is not economical to transport – much cheaper to sell and buy new.

We can accept brand new, packaged furniture (within reason).