How Applied Logistics supports Antarctic research voyages

Applied Logistics assists both the University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University with deployments for marine research projects. These projects occur onboard CSIRO’s RV Investigator, which is also known as Australia’s Marine National Facility.

Transport regulation in Australia – a national approach?

Each state in Australia has different rules relating to road transport. Despite the creation of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), this does not include WA or NT, and rules vary depending on the locations that your items are travelling through.

How Air Freight can work for you

How Applied Logistics utilises Air Freight to keep power stations operating:

As a specialist domestic air freight forwarder, the team at Applied Logistics is regularly called upon by our clients to solve their urgent challenges. Sometimes, these challenges are a deadline on the other side of the country, while other times it’s about having the insurance of knowing the product will arrive with plenty of time to spare. Other times, our clients need to be quickly mobilised to get plant up and running with as little down time as possible.

Business freight – how do you get the best value?


In today’s economy every dollar matters. Potential customers are seeking quotes from an increasing number of potential suppliers. Due to employees having more time spare, they are becoming more organised. This is enabling them to consider purchasing from further afield than they have in the past.

Personal Effects – what are my options?

Applied Logistics specialise in self pack container removals – but what if you don’t have enough to fill a 20′ container?

Most general freight carriers have a policy of not accepting personal effects and many reject consignments of second hand goods. The likelihood of the goods being consigned not being packaged suitably for travel are the main reasons for this attitude. These carriers are not set up to handle these shipments; the chances of damage occurring are significantly increased; personal effects and coils of steel, for example, don’t mix.

Tasmanian Logistical Solutions

Tasmania is a very special part of Australia. 12 hours by sea south of Melbourne lie the gateways of Burnie and Devonport. Often when people think of Tasmania, memories of pinot noir; cheese; beef, lamb; tourism and long summer evenings overcome the senses.

Whilst Tasmania’s international exports were recently valued at $3.436 billion for the year ending February 2018, this doesn’t include exports to mainland Australia.

Tasmania’s population sits around 520,000 – about 2.5 times smaller than the City of Brisbane.